Patient Testimonials

The following are excerpts from reviews we have received from patients who were happy with their care at South Sound Oral Surgery. Names have been left out, in order to respect their privacy.

“…You and your wonderful staff always brightened my day and made me feel like everything was going to be okay. When I was frantic and needing answers, you took time out of your very busy day to see me.”

“I had never had a doctor call me at home to check up on me before. I could not believe that a doctor would take time out of his busy day to call me personally to see how I am doing…”

“Very nice employees. Treated my daughter wonderful.”

“Just wanted to say thank you… I was quite anxious going into it. But the assisting staff and Dr Werner made it much easier than I had anticipated. They made sure I was comfortable and it was quick, efficient, and over with before I knew it.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank South Sound Oral Surgery, CENTRALIA OFFICE. The staff was very professional. The front office is always very friendly… He is a great Doctor that has a true passion for his work and it shows. I love that he has a military background.”

“I have had several extractions and implants done at SSOS… The results have always been excellent and the process has always been smooth.”

“… who I worked with he is a master at his craft and will suggest the best option for your family I respect him a lot and highly recommend.”

“South Sound Oral Surgery in Olympia is the best. I had to have a pretty scary oral surgery and all of the staff have been amazing. I highly recommend them.”

“They did well my son has no complaints and feeling better already.”

“Dr warner is amazing with children. My 4 yr old … His staff is friendly great with kids and just an great over all environment for kids. The anesthesiologist even came to the waiting room and spoke with her before she went back making her laugh and feel comfortable explaining in kid lingo…”

“I was in and out within 40 minutes for my wisdom tooth removal (there were 4) and I’m having no problems with my mouth at all. I was taken care of very effectively.”

“My son loved it there of all places. Excellent work!”

“Dr. Werner spoke to my 6 year old son first during the consult, involved him in all aspects of his own career nd treated him like he was making all the decisions. The anesthetist was the exact same way … Dr. Werner called personally tonight after my sons surgery this morning to check on him. The Dupont and Olympia locations were both involved in my sons care. I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism and bedside manner of every staff member we came in contact with.”