3D Technology

A Practice for the 21st Century

South Sound Oral Surgery uses cutting-edge technology such as i-CAT 3D Imaging and Treatment Studio Software to provide our patients with exceptional and extremely accurate surgical care. We are able to create a 3D image using the equipment in our Olympia and Centralia offices. Once we have created a 3D image, we use surgical planning computer software to help us plan your surgery.

Keeping Our Patients Informed

When it comes to surgery, we understand that patients like to know what they are about to experience. At South Sound Oral Surgery we find that using a 3D image not only provides a clear picture for the surgeon, but it also helps patients understand the nature of their diagnosis.  When an x-ray is placed next to a 3D image, it is clear to see why we prefer to use i-CAT 3D imaging as a means for planning and communication.

More Precise and Less Harmful

i-CAT 3D Imaging offers more benefits to our patients than crystal clear images and ease of communication. The i-CAT 3D Imaging equipment gives us flexibility with image size and low dose scanning, which means less radiation exposure for you than with traditional 2D x-rays.

Click here to visit the i-CAT 3D Imaging website to learn more about this exciting technology.